Physical Therapy

YOUNG-IN that contributes to customer's happiness and health life of human being.

PAD T.E.N.S(IN-1000A)

Simple to use, Easy to understand, Very therapeutic


  • It is possible to use each independent pad on 2 parts by using 2channels
  • Two Person (TOTAL 4channels)
  • Could see time and expression of frequency as FND screen
  • Device that uses soft electrical current and electrical muscle stimulation for pain relief

Convenient to use

  • Last setting save function
  • 3 MODES selections


  • Highly effective therapy of people with chronic muscle fatigue, lumbago, arthralgia, myalgia, frozen shoulder and polymyalgia


Power AC 100~240V
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 35VA (Based on CE)
Dimensions (W)440mm*(L)355mm*(H)145mm
Weight 5KG
Frequency Waveform Square wave
Stimulus Frequency 1~150Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz
Output Voltage Under 26mA
Maximum Output Voltage 68Vp-p


  • Body, Power Cord 1, Pad line 4, Square pad net 8, Square pad 8, Square resin pulp 8, Band (large) 2, Band (small) 4