SOYA Series

YOUNG-IN that contributes to customer's happiness and health life of human being.


  • Obesity care - Belly, thighs, legs, arms, face slimming (jaw line), breast care
    (reduction, elasticity, shaping), total body shape care
  • Skin care - Face care (whitening, slimming, lifting), fights wrinkles around the eyes, neck care, acne, freckles, dark circles
  • Scalp care - Promotes hair growth, strengthens thin or weak hair
  • Pain treatment - Frozen shoulders, arthralgia, muscular pain treatment,heal the painful body parts by applying core heat - Sagging belly care after childbirth - It promotes the metabolism by helping blood and lymph circulation - Releasing chronic inflammation, muscle pain and joint pain - Massage effect like an acupuncture and moxa cautery


  • Small size Handle - 1ea
  • Plate electrode - 1ea
  • Cord for Handle - 1ea
  • High-Frequency Electrode - 7ea (Ø20, Ø30, Ø40, Ø50, Ø60, Ø70, Ø80)
  • Large size Electrode - 1ea
  • L-shape Large handle(option) - 1ea