Bauty Machine

YOUNG-IN that contributes to customer's happiness and health life of human being.


Low & Middle Frequency BEAUTY MASTER IN-7200


  • 7 Channerls
  • Real time controled by temperature with overheat protection on Abdomen's Pad
  • 5 kinds of Auto
  • Medium frequency + Infra Red (Heat Treatment for Obesity)
  • zreostart, Include over electric current Fuse


Power AC 90~240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 100W
Temperature 20~40℃
Ultasound Frequency 1~1,000Hz
Timer 1~60min
Dimension(mm) (W)440*(D)355*(H)145
Weight 7.6kg


  • Main body, Acrylic and AC cord 1ea/each
  • Pad for abdomen 1 pcs, Pad for Oval- shaped 8 pcs
  • Band for Abdomen 1pcs, Band 4 pcs