CALLA Series

YOUNG-IN that contributes to customer's happiness and health life of human being.

  • Management of fat and cellulite
  • Abdomen and partial obesity management
  • Treatment before and after fat splitting injection of HPL, etc.
  • Prior treatment of liposuction
Cavitation means hollowization phenomenon of ultrasonic waves and has a principle bubbles emitted by cavitation create energy blowing up and the energy breaks cell membranes of fat.

If ultrasonic wave with 40KHz is projected on a medium mixed with liquid, bubbles created by unique cavitation of the applicable frequency blow up at a certain critical point getting increased in repeated cycles and the energy created at this time is strong enough to break cell membranes of fat.
Destructed fat cell and melted fat are excreted naturally into kidney and small intestine through macrophage and lymphatic vessel, which causes natural size reduction action through metabolism.
Because it reduces obese cells as above, there is little yoyo phenomenon where one returns to obesity again.


  • Selection of high output vibration element with stable caritation
  • Selection of area such as abdomen, calf, hip, forearm, etc.
  • roviding convenient interface by touch screen
  • Selection of procedure method by dividing CONTINUE and INTERVAL.


  • Thermal effect : It promotes the metabolism by helping blood and lymph circulation
  • Fat decomposition : Cellulite and fat
  • Chemical effect : It increases skin elasticity by strengthening the connective tissue of collagen and elastin fibers


Power AC220V
Input Frequency 60Hz
Power Consumption 80VA
Dimension 513mm(W) x 355mm(H) x(height) x 145mm(D)
Weight 15Kg
Timer 1~10min


  • Cavitation Handle large - 1EA
  • avitation Handle small - 1EA
  • AC Power Cord - 1EA