CALLA Series

YOUNG-IN that contributes to customer's happiness and health life of human being.

Middle Frequency

  • 6 different management programs
  • It is simple, easy to use en corder and touch screen
  • Soft stimulation, more momentum
  • Specialized obesity control program


  • New - style design and touch LCD
  • 8 channels are used to provide various programs (slimming, lymph, firming, cellulite, body lifting, pain)
  • Soft stimulation is used to provide the effects of muscular exercise and aerobic exercise
  • Specialized obesity control program for each body region (Partial Obesity, Total Obesity)
  • Various modes to choose


  • Slimming management - Improves body contour by promoting the metabolism
  • Cellulite management - Improves bumpy skin on the buttocks, thighs, calves - Promotes the metabolism by helping blood and lymph circulation Effective for promoting the metabolism, fatigue recovery and helps you eat regular meals - Increases production of collagen and elastin
  • Firming management - Improves elasticity of woman's skin tissues, muscles and body contour
  • Lymph management (Includes lymphatic drainage) - Maximizes the body's immune system with stimulating lymph circulation and is highly effective for waste elimination and improving blood circulation - Increases mineral absorption into the skin and helps you relax muscles to maximize the effect of massage


Power AC220V
Input Frequency 60Hz
Power Consumption 80VA
Output corrent 30mA
Dimension (horizontal) 380mm x (vertical) 406mm x (height) 987mm
Weight 15Kg
Timer 1~60min


  • Pad (material: silicone) - 16 ea
  • Cable lead (material: PE) - 8ea
  • Band (material: polyester) - small 4ea / large 4ea